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Christine Libor


Board Certified Attorney for Copyright and Media Law

Königsallee 60 C (KÖ-Höfe)
40212 Dusseldorf

T +49 211 30 20 15-22
F +49 211 30 20 15-90

Business Card

Admitted in: 2002

Universities: Münster

Practice areas
Legal practice

Mrs. Libor has been a practicing lawyer since 2002. She is well versed with publishing sector matters as she not only advises publishers in all legal matters and represents them in court but is also a seasoned journalist. She is the editor of a media law magazine “AfP Zeitschrift für Medien- und Kommunikationsrecht”. Furthermore, she was appointed by the bar association Düsseldorf as member of the preliminary examin​ation board for licensing specialist lawyers for copyright and media law.

Mrs. Libor advises publishing companies, editorial offices and freelance journalists in all media law matters. This includes representing press statement cases in court (e.g., libel and slander), negotiating contracts of any kind and executing legal due diligences in the purchasing of media companies. In the area of unfair competition law, she advises and represents media companies, e.g. regarding questions of editorial hidden advertising.
In the area of labour law, Mrs. Libor primarily represents the employers’ side in court procedures and arbitration committees. She also advises the composition of contracts and out-of-court compromises and conflict avoidance.

Areas of expertise

Active participant in the “Arbeitskreis für Presserecht und Pressefreiheit e.V.” (working group for press law and freedom of the press); the so-called “Löffler-Kreis” (Löffler-Circle), which is named after the founder, a famous media law expert
Founding member of the University Radio Münster e.V.
Member of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Verlagsjustitiare” (working group for publishing company in-house-lawyers)
Member of the preliminary examination board for licensing specialist lawyers for copyright and media law of the bar association Düsseldorf


German, English

Education and career

Mrs. Libor studied at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster


Handelsblatt / The Best Lawyers™ in Germany
Since 2019, Christine Libor was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers™ in Germany in the field of Media Law.