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Dr. Heiko A. Giermann
LL.M. (McGill)


Board Certified Attorney for Transport and Forwarding Law

Königsallee 60 C (KÖ-Höfe)
40212 Dusseldorf

T +49 211 30 20 15-36
F +49 211 30 20 15-90

Business Card

Doctorate degree: Hamburg 2000
Admitted in: 2002

Universities: Bonn, Köln, Hamburg, Melbourne, Montréal

Practice areas
Areas of expertise

German Association of Navy Officers (Marine-Offizier-Vereinigung MOV)
German Lawyers’ Association (Deutscher Anwaltverein DAV)
Lawyers’ Association of Düsseldorf (Düsseldorfer Anwaltverein)
German Logistics Association (Bundesvereinigung Logistik BVL)
Anglo-German Club Hamburg


German, English, French

Legal practice

In corporate law Dr. Giermann advises a number of well renowned clients in various fields, including the choice of the company form, the incorporation of a new company, the drafting or amending of a company’s articles of incorporation, the admission or withdrawal of shareholders. Dr. Giermann is also litigating in all areas of corporate law.

In M&A-projects Dr. Giermann advises national and international clients, both on buyer’s and seller’s side. Starting with process planning and schedule coordination he supports clients in organizing and executing the legal due diligence, drafting the share purchase agreement, negotiating the agreement and supervising the post-closing phase.

In international trade law and contract law Dr. Giermann advises national and international companies and individuals by drafting and negotiating complex contracts.​

In transport and logistics law Dr. Giermann advises clients in drafting and amending logistics contracts and general conditions of sale and transport. He also takes over the legal structuring and supervision in complex logistics solutions, including integrated contract logistics, data warehousing and supply chain management. Further, Dr. Giermann represents his clients in litigation including recourse actions.

Besides, Dr. Heiko Giermann is also responsible for marketing at the Düsseldorf office. 

Education and career

Prior to studying law Dr. Giermann had completed officer training at the German Navy Academy and served as officer on board Navy ships. His current rank is Lieutenant Commander (Navy Res.). His work for foreign clients benefits from Dr. Giermann’s international legal education in Australia, Canada, the United States, France and Germany: He studied at the Universities of Bonn, Cologne and Hamburg, at Monash University in Melbourne and at McGill University in Montréal. Until joining FPS, Dr. Giermann had gained professional experience in international commercial law firms in Hamburg and Paris. He also completed training as a licensed specialised attorney in transport law as well as in tax law.

Dr. Giermann is co-author of one of Germany’s standard commentaries on the Commercial Code (Gemeinschaftskommentar zum HGB, published by Luchterhand, 7th edition 2007) and is author of a number of legal articles and books. Dr. Giermann holds legal lectures and seminars on a regular basis.


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