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Dr. Jan T. Tenner


Königsallee 60 C (KÖ-Höfe)
40212 Dusseldorf

T +49 211 30 20 15-32
F +49 211 30 20 15-90

Business Card

Doctorate degree: Osnabrück
Admitted in: 2018

Universities: Münster, Athen, Speyer

Practice areas
Legal practice

Jan Tenner is active in the field of construction projects, beginning with the support of public law approval issues in the field of construction planning and building law as well as nature conservation law and immission control law. He also advises clients during and after project implementation in the field of civil construction law and real estate law. Jan Tenner represents clients in court proceedings. In addition, he performs in the field of public procurement law, in particular in the award of construction contracts.

Areas of expertise

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V.

Education and career

Jan Tenner studied at the Universities of Münster, Speyer and Athens (Greece). He received his Masters of Law from the University of Speyer in 2018 focusing on public procurement law.