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For almost two decades, FPS has been supporting a wide range of cross border transactions between Germany and Israel. We advise Israeli entrepreneurs, investors, financial institutions and companies looking to raise capital, develop markets, protect their intellectual property, make investments and leverage business opportunities in Germany. In cooperation with Israeli law firms we also advise German companies looking to enter into the Israeli market, partner with Israeli companies or tap into Israeli expertise. We regularly accompany high rank business delegations to Israel. This is one of the many ways we have developed a strong network of business contacts in both countries which our clients can leverage.

Our Israel Desk includes lawyers who have lived in Israel or have family ties there. We have a deep understanding of Israeli business and legal culture. Our broad range of expertise and knowledge of differences in terms of legal structures, regulations and practices governing business operations, has proven to be of great value to our Israeli clients doing business in Germany. We advise a large number of Israeli clients in real estate, corporate and IP/IT matters. We believe that this expertise, as well as our strong commitment to Israel, has contributed to our long and successful track record with Israeli Clients.

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  • Real estate transactions, including legal due dilligence Reviews
  • Regulatory compliance (i.e. GDPR)
  • The licensing and sale of technology
  • Protection of intellectual property, competition and copyright law issues, trademarks, utility models and design patents
  • Formation of companies, private equity, M&A and joint ventures
  • Tax structuring and project financing
  • Infrastructure and energy projects
  • Employment law




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Dr. Heiko A. Giermann, Präsidiumsmitglied der Deutsch-Israelischen Wirtschaftsvereinigung, veranstaltet gemeinsam mit der Industrie- und Handelskammer Düsseldorf den ersten Round Table der Städtepartnerschaften zwischen NRW und Israel
24.10.2014, Düsseldorf

FPS eröffnet Repräsentanz in Israel
25.11.2013, Frankfurt am Main, Berlin


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