Internationality plus locality

Transportation and Cargo Business/Shipping

​Global logistics involve a complex network of different methods of transportation, by land, air and sea. This system has exposure to significant risks – logistics service providers and forwarding agents therefore require legally bulletproof agreements and legal advisors who know the business from the ground up.

Our firm offers clients all legal services from a single source, from logistics concepts to all contracting matters, including the drafting and revision of general terms and conditions, to representation in disputes. FPS represents freight companies, shipping companies, loading companies and recipients, as well as transit and transportation liability insurance companies both in and out of court in matters involving liability for damages that occurred in transit, and advise them on other legal issues. If necessary, we resort to a network of specialized law firms that is spread across many different European and non-European countries.

FPS attorneys are among the founders of the Chinese European Legal Association (CELA), founded in 2008 to promote exchange and interaction between China and Europe in the areas of law and legal culture. CELA operates the Chinese European Arbitration Centre GmbH (“CEAC”), which focuses on dispute resolution.