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Employment Law

FPS boasts an exceptionally skilled and experienced employment law practice group. We assist clients from various sectors, such as manufacturing, services and other labor-intensive industries. The spectrum of employers we serve runs the gamut from small, owner-run businesses to publicly traded corporations, from public entities and foundations to the Church. Due to our integrative approach, our employment attorneys work in interdisciplinary teams and collaborate with our corporate and tax colleagues. Our primary focus is on the business objectives of our clients.

We advise our clients in both labor law and employment law matters. For example, we assist with negotiating and drafting employment agreements and drafting notices of termination, holding hearings of the works council, and designing work shift schedules. We are also reliable partners for major projects, supporting our clients during collective bargaining negotiations or in connection with transactions or restructurings, such as reorganizations, plant closures, or the establishment of employment transfer and employment services companies.

In addition, FPS attorneys also advise clients on the conclusion and termination of management service agreements, and serve on conciliation boards. We support our clients as business mediators in in-house disputes as well as in disputes with third parties – such as other companies or unions.

Attorneys of the employment law practice group give presentations and hold seminars on employment law and business mediation topics on a regular basis, and assist human resource departments with in-house training programs.