Expertise plus personality


​FPS advises on all labor-management issues and employee co-determination rights. Our expertise extends from reviewing the validity of works council elections to the dissolution of works councils. We inform our clients of the responsibilities and authorities of the works council, as well as of the effects of failing to allow for co-determination or providing for inadequate co-determination. In addition, we draft case-specific letters related to co-determination rights of the works council that can be introduced in a court of law, for example when the works council is consulted in connection with terminations or when the hiring or transfer of employees requires consent from the works council. In order to avoid criminal liability under the German Labor-Management Relations Act, we offer training for correctly dealing with the works council. For this purpose we make available to each client instructions for how to meet the standards applicable to various areas of co-determination. In addition, we assist clients with preparing for and attending proceedings before the conciliation board.