Offense plus defense

Copyright Law

​FPS draws on many decades of experience in the area of copyright law. One particular focus of our legal practice is copyright protection of software programs from unauthorized use by third parties. Our clients include world-renowned software developers, such as Microsoft and Adobe, as well as broadcasting companies and television stations, publishers, advertising agencies, and companies from the financial services, telecommunications and media businesses.

Specifically, we assist clients with the enforcement and defense of claims for injunctive relief, disclosure and/or damages under copyright law, both in and out of court, with the enforcement of search orders under civil law in case of suspected infringements, and with the drafting, review and negotiation of license agreements and license terms of any kind, e.g., publishing agreements, software license agreements and content agreements. We advise clients on copyright issues related to online presence, website design and web offers, and assist with the procurement of necessary licenses. In addition, we review, draft and negotiate license agreements and other commercial exploitation agreements, e.g. agreements with artists or publishers, or software license agreements. Finally, we also provide legal counsel on copyright issues arising in the context of employment or insolvency.