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Data Protection Law

Probably no other topic since 2018 has been compared more often in the media with the apocalypse than the new data protection law. We at FPS see no reason to do so as we can answer all your data protection questions in connection with customer [relationship] management (CRM), personnel administration, e-commerce applications as well as advertising and marketing. We can therefore [professionally] prepare you to be compliant with [all applicable] data protection regulations. The FPS practice group for data protection deals with all aspects of this area of law, ranging from developing a data protection management system to the solving a data protection problem. It can advise you - also at group level - on the use of third party data in compliance with the law. Whether you require a diagram with technical and organizational measures, the development of processing registers, the creation and implementation of deletion concepts,  data privacy impact assessments, assistance handling data subject inquiries and data privacy violations(including communication with data privacy authorities) or a diagram setting out your planned marketing campaign in compliance with data privacy regulations – our interdisciplinary team of lawyers and IT experts can support you not only with its experience and expertise but also with the pragmatism required in connection with data privacy issues. FPS IT and Data Privacy GmbH can also provide external data protection officers for your company.