Offense plus defense

Product Piracy Task Force

​The IP practice group of FPS has created a special task force to fight product piracy. The illegal reproduction and sale of brand-name products not only mean lost revenues for manufacturers, but also harm the economy as a whole and threaten jobs.

With the help of external investigators the task force proactively tracks down pirated merchandise, software, and illegal parallel imports, and works closely with the appropriate authorities, for example the customs office and the police. We initiate attachment and other proceedings to recoup profits lost to product piracy, and we coordinate the seizure of pirated products. Finally, we recover damages for our clients in court.

Specifically, we monitor the market and focus investigations on particular violators, help with the seizure of pirated products and the search of infringing companies, and secure evidence. We protect our clients from computer viruses, spam and other malware, enforce claims for injunctive relief, damages and destruction of pirated products, and attach assets to prevent transfer and to secure compensation for our clients.