Offense plus defense

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property law is a cornerstone of our legal practice. Our team of more than 30 attorneys offers broad experience in all areas of intellectual property law. In addition to German clients, we also advise many international corporations to protect and enforce their rights, and provide support for major IT projects. Our services focus on the registration, commercial exploitation and defense of intellectual property rights, as well as on licensing strategies for large corporations in the manufacturing, software, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, luxury goods, fashion, advertising and media industries. We represent clients in federal actions involving trademarks, copyrights, registered designs, patents and utility models, and boast a special task force to fight trademark and product piracy.

In addition, we assist our clients with developing licensing and commercial exploitation strategies, cooperations (R&D), e-commerce and new media, and provide legal counsel on media and press matters, as well as on questions involving IP portfolio management and data protection.

Moreover, we demonstrate brand competence not only in the field of intellectual property, but also for our own ends. Numerous awards for our brand communication, such as the German Brand Award and the Red Dot Award, attest to our deep understanding of brands – which also proves that we are qualified to be a strong partner for you in the field of trademark law.