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License Compliance

Owners of rights massively suffer from the illegal distribution of their products or other unlawful activities. This is because many companies do not license their applications correctly due to enormous cost pressures or a lack of awareness FPS has extensive expertise in representing, for example, software providers who want to protect their intellectual property in and out of court. The spectrum ranges from the development of long-term protection strategies to targeted measures to detect license violations and illegal distribution channels. The aim is to [vehemently] prevent further copyright infringements and to receive compensation.

Uncontrolled shadow IT and patchy software asset management often result in a company not having all the necessary licenses in place. In relation to license compliance, FPS helps users to avoid mistakes in software deployment and to be on the safe side in complex usage scenarios. Copyright law however also has pitfalls for software providers: the right licensing model is essential for successful product marketing. Furthermore, the provider itself must respect the intellectual property rights of others when embedding third-party program components. The provider, for example, has to avoid undesirable copyleft effects when using open source components. We can protect you from unpleasant surprises.