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Environmental Protection, Emissions Control

​Many projects today are subject to environmental rules and requirements which, in some cases, present serious roadblocks. As a result, permits for industrial and commercial facilities must be drafted so as to guarantee compliance with environmental laws and regulations, while at the same time protecting the economic interests of the investor. Especially owners of real property are often unpleasantly surprised by residual contamination, ground contamination and illegal waste disposal. The financial effects are usually considerable, because the authorities will almost always first turn to the property owner.

We find and implement economically viable solutions for plant operators, residential housing developers, real property owners and real property administrators. Even though litigation (e.g., preliminary injunctions) cannot always be avoided, we always strive to find fast, permanent solutions for our clients through negotiations.

The environmental practice also advises clients on emissions trading. Our attorneys are involved in the legislative process through associations, and have been providing legal commentary on the German Emissions Trading Act. Thanks to the influence we have on new legislation in this area, we are able to find solutions for our clients that are efficient and can be quickly implemented.