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​In recent years procurement law has undergone dynamic changes as a result of the European Court of Justice, and is becoming ever more intertwined with civil law. Therefore speed, knowledge of new legal developments, and legal certainty are essential to the success of procurement processes. We have extensive experience in the public contract awards and are familiar with the concerns and needs of both public entities and bidders.

Since 2002 our procurement law practice group has represented both public entities as well as privately held businesses in all procurement law matters. We advise municipalities, municipal corporations and bidders on all issues arising in connection with the award of construction, supply and service contracts. In addition, we are represent bidders and public entities in procurement review proceedings before procurement boards and courts of appeal.

IT contract law has always been a specialty of FPS. Close cooperation among various teams of specialists allows for comprehensive legal advice on complex and voluminous IT projects, from initial conception to bidding to contract performance.

In addition to private providers of IT products, FPS advises and represents primarily large and midsized municipal buyers and users of IT parts and services.