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Project Development

​Construction projects raise a large number of legal issues and require competent legal counsel. We advise project developers and investors in all phases of project development, from the start of the planning phase to construction to sale. Our expertise covers private and public construction and plant construction, contracts for the performance of work, as well as procurement. We therefore advise clients, among other things, on all relevant contracts, the financial structuring of projects, and the award of projects. In addition, we represent our clients in court and arbitration proceedings.

Our services also cover the purchase of real estate, the preparation, structuring and management of procurement processes, the structuring and management of public-private partnership projects, and legal advice on historical landmark, construction planning and building regulatory issues. In addition, we draft and negotiate contracts with architects, engineers and project managers, as well as contracts with general contractors and other construction-related contracts and lease agreements. We assist with the financing of projects and take care of time tables and project schedules.