Johannes R. Jeep

Lawyer / Managing Partner
  • Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law
  • Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law
Kurfürstendamm 220
10719 Berlin

Johannes R. Jeep – admitted to practise law in Germany in 1994 and a specialist lawyer for tax law, corporate law and commercial law – has been a managing partner since 2020. With many years of comprehensive experience in consulting and litigating in the areas of civil, corporate, commercial and tax law, he supports those in the fields of real estate, production, energy and media in the structural design of companies, transactions, legal successions and contracts. He provides particular expertise in strategic litigation and settlement management with investors, funding agencies and tax authorities, whereby his focus is on the avoidance of legal disputes and finding efficient holistic business solutions. In the field of compliance, he provides consultation on money laundering and complex supply chains.

  • Expertise
    • Corporate governance and compliance

      FPS advises companies of all sizes on matters relating to their internal constitution, the division of labour between the executive bodies, the drafting of rules of procedure and any other checks and balances that a well-managed company must have. This extends to the rules of corporate governance – taking into account corresponding standards in the home countries of the group’s parent companies where necessary – and to the adherence to conduct obligations prescribed by corporate and public law (compliance).

      Our advisory services include drawing up internal company constitutions, drafting and implementing rules of procedure for the management, executive board, supervisory board or advisory board and implementing the German Corporate Governance Code.

    • Corporate disputes

      Even in matters concerning corporate law, conflicts are not always avoidable. Accordingly, it goes without saying that we are also on hand to assist our clients when disputes arise involving shareholders, the management and members of the executive or supervisory board. The priority here is on out-of-court dispute resolution. If this is unsuccessful, we also represent our clients in mediation, court and arbitration proceedings. Finally, we also specialise in pursuing and defending claims arising from business purchase agreements as well as enforcing non-compete clauses.

    • Foundation and restructuring of companies, transformations

      FPS has profound expertise when it comes to the foundation of companies, regardless of the legal form. We advise on the foundation of new companies as well as the establishment of real estate funds and also provide the necessary legal support.

      It is not uncommon for a developing company to have to adapt its structure. We help our clients to devise and implement such reorganisation measures. In doing so, we find individual solutions that take into account aspects covered by corporate law as well as tax, employment, commercial and antitrust law.
      In addition, we also advise on transformations, including changes of legal form, mergers, spin-offs and company demergers, and help to implement these processes.

    • AGMs / shareholders’ meetings

      FPS advises numerous public limited companies and limited liability companies at their general meetings and shareholders’ meetings. Besides providing notarial support, we also offer legal advice on the organisation and content of the meetings and advise on the company’s overall strategic direction.

    • Mergers / acquisitions

      Successful transactions require careful planning and structuring, both in terms of content and time. Our M&A experts not only perform due diligence and draft the contract, but also handle the subsequent contract negotiations and manage the project in the post-closing phase.

      We advise domestic and foreign companies on both the buyer and seller side on M&A projects, private equity and venture capital transactions, management buy-ins and buyouts and corporate cooperation projects (joint ventures). Here, we draft and negotiate confidentiality and exclusivity agreements (letters of intent) as well as contracts covering company acquisitions and investment agreements.

      In all M&A transactions, we establish a close and trusting working relationship with our clients’ auditors and tax consultants, determine how to optimally structure the transactions for tax purposes and ensure compliance with antitrust requirements.

    • Executive body / management consulting

      Due to the tightening of legislation and case law following the financial crisis, the personal liability of managing directors as well as members of executive and supervisory boards has taken on practical significance. Accordingly, we advise our clients on liability matters involving executive bodies in internal and external relationships as well as in the area of D&O insurance. Our clients benefit from our many years of experience in the field of liability law for the liberal professions and from our trusting working relationships with insurers.

      Our work particularly includes drafting and negotiating executive board and managing director contracts, advising members of supervisory bodies, advising on co-determination issues and representing clients in and out of court in liability matters.

    • Corporate succession

      Succession planning is of crucial importance, especially for medium-sized and family-owned companies. FPS advises domestic and foreign clients on succession arrangements with interdisciplinary teams of lawyers and notaries specialising in corporate, inheritance and tax matters. We solve any such issues in close cooperation with the contact persons at the auditing firm and tax consultancy or other advisors working on behalf of our clients. Together, we devise tailored solutions for our clients when implementing risk prevention measures, drawing up succession arrangements (such as transfers during someone’s lifetime or testamentary arrangements in the event of death, contracts of inheritance, sales scenarios), optimising tax affairs upon succession and executing wills. In addition, we provide representation and mediation in connection with inheritance disputes.

    • Joint ventures

      We advise on joint ventures, alliances and minority shareholdings, which are becoming ever more important for international companies from a strategic perspective. In our corporate law practice, we assist clients from various sectors. This may include joint ventures as individual transactions or as part of larger restructuring measures and reorganisation plans for existing companies, the redesign of project-based joint ventures to pool expertise and technologies, exit joint ventures for a phased exit from business areas and the use of joint ventures as a tool for market entry in emerging economies.

      Our expertise extends into related areas of law such as regulation, taxation, employment law, commercial law, environmental law and intellectual property. With our network, we offer a coordinated, comprehensive service for cross-border joint ventures.

      Our advice addresses problems and pitfalls, including voting rights, regulatory approval procedures, exit strategies, valuation issues and governance risks. Our aim is to achieve results that enable our clients to negotiate business matters with confidence.

    • Corporate housekeeping

      FPS supports companies with all aspects of corporate housekeeping, from foundation and compliance to transactions. Our experienced team of experts assists with due diligence, contract negotiations and transaction structuring. We minimise legal risks, ensure compliance and facilitate successful transactions. With individual solutions and extensive industry knowledge, we provide an excellent service to help our clients achieve their business goals.

    • Transactions and restructuring measures

      Wide-ranging and complex tax law issues arise in any type of business transaction. Working alongside our specialists in corporate law, among others, we structure and optimise every transaction in the interests of our clients.

    • Optimising estates and business succession plans

      Detailed tax advice is essential when dealing with estates and business succession plans. Failure to put an optimal tax structure in place can soon become disadvantageous. We have the appropriate expertise and find solutions with our clients’ interests in mind.

    • Establishing corporate structures

      The tax burden of business activities, investments and financing can often be optimised. We work out tax structures for groups of companies and help our clients to plan and implement their projects.

    • Support for real estate investors

      We are on hand to support real estate investors throughout the entire cycle of their activity, from the choice of the best legal form and corporate structure to the acquisition and sale of projects, and tax-optimised letting.

    Language skills

    German English
  • Education
    since 2020Managing Partner at FPS 
     Certified Specialist Lawyer for Commercial and Corporate Law
     Certified Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law
    since 2008 Partner at FPS 
     Liquidator of a laboratory chemical company with 500 employees
    1998Founder and long-standing managing partner of a law firm
    1994Admission to practise law in Germany 
     Second state law exam
     First state law exam
  • Memberships
    • Vorsitzender des Arbeitskreises Unternehmensnachfolge des IBWF (Institut für Betriebsberatung, Wirtschaftsförderung und -forschung e.V.)
    • Beauftragter für Geldwäsche bei FPS
    • Arbeitskreis Insolvenzrecht Berlin/Brandenburg
    • Deutsch-Polnische Juristenvereinigung (DPJV)
  • Publications
    Johannes R. Jeep Dr. Thomas Schnülle-Weingart
    Gesetz zur Modernisierung des Personengesellschaftsrechts (MoPeG): Die wichtigsten Änderungen für die Praxis
    Betriebs-Berater (BB), 18|2024, , S. 963
    Johannes R. Jeep
    Das neue Gesetz zur Modernisierung der Körperschaftsteuer soll die internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von personalistisch geprägten und Familienunternehmen stärken
    Johannes R. Jeep
    Erhöhter Handlungsspielraum: Das neue Gesetz zur Modernisierung der Körperschaftsteuer soll die internationale Wettbewerbsfähigkeit von personalistisch geprägten und Familienunternehmen stärken
    Cash., Nov 21,
    Johannes R. Jeep
    Big Data im Registerwesen – Bundesregierung setzt EU-Angleichung der Handelsregister um – Fragezeichen bleiben
    Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, 20/2014, , S. 06. Jul
    Johannes R. Jeep
    Steuerstundungsmodell nur bei Werben mit negativen Einkünften
    Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, Jul 14,
    Johannes R. Jeep
    Abgeltungssteuer bei Angehörigen- und Gesellschafterdarlehen, BFH: Günstiger Abgeltungssteuersatz wird nur bei beherrschendem Einfluss versagt
    Deutscher AnwaltSpiegel, 18/2014, , S. 09. Okt