Strategic inheritance planning protects families from disputes and saves costs. 

Together with our clients, we strategically prepare asset successions during their lifetime and draw up tailor-made wills, inheritance contracts and gifting agreements. Our legal expertise allows us to respond to the individual needs and plans of individuals, families and entrepreneurs, keeping an eye on the objectives of the family and, where relevant, business, as well as tax aspects and inheritance law issues, such as compulsory shares and compensation claims. We also provide our clients with comprehensive notarial support after a death, whether it is with applying for a certificate of inheritance, renouncing an inheritance or notarising an inheritance settlement.


  • Certificates of inheritance, renouncing an inheritance and inheritance settlements

    When the time comes, we support our clients in applying for a certificate of inheritance or, if necessary, renouncing the inheritance in a legally secure manner. We assist communities of heirs in the drafting and notarisation of balanced agreements for the distribution of the inheritance and, in that context, an appropriate (re)organisation of assets.

  • Wills + inheritance contracts

    The arrangement of wills and inheritance contracts is part of the standard repertoire of a notary. A notarial will or a notarial inheritance contract provides the decisive basis for ensuring that the testator’s will and testament is taken into account after their death and is implemented quickly and efficiently without the hassle of a lengthy and sometimes contentious certificate of inheritance procedure. In this context, it is important to manage legal risks and to skilfully note down the specific requirements of a testator in text form. We gladly assist our clients in developing the optimal arrangements for their personal will or inheritance contract.

  • Anticipated succession

    ‘Anticipated succession’ can serve as an instrument for structuring asset succession. Together with our clients, we can develop individual solutions for the bequeathing of real estate, which include rights of use, residence and reclamation, or even the lifetime usufruct of the object of the bequeathal, and secure them accordingly in the land register.

  • Compulsory share right

    The legislature protects spouses, descendants and parents with the non-withdrawable compulsory share. A notarised agreement for the waiving of the compulsory share can be used, for example, to ensure the balanced distribution of the family assets among all children if a valuable property is transferred to a child.

  • Corporate succession

    Company succession needs to be well thought out and carefully planned. The notary plays an extremely important role in ensuring that this transition process is smooth, legally sound and in the best interests of all parties involved.

    We are happy to support our clients in developing careful succession planning. The notary is responsible for drawing up the necessary contracts and documents that govern the transition. These must be precise and legally sound in order to avoid possible disputes in the future.

    Company succession can have significant tax implications. We work together in a trustful manner with tax advisors in order to develop optimal tax strategies for our clients and to minimise the financial burden for all parties. Together with our clients, we ensure that succession agreements are fair and balanced.

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