Since the introduction of long-term-care insurance in 1995, the incredibly dynamic healthcare sector has been of particular importance to FPS and touches on various legal areas. Our expertise stays abreast of rapid developments and covers aspects of corporate and land law, as well as aspects of public law, social law, tax law and medical malpractice law. Experts in real estate law, M&A, insolvency and tax law therefore regularly work together on behalf of our clients in this area.

We advise on all legal matters concerning nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, medical centres, medical care centres and retirement homes, including assisted living and other forms of outpatient living.

One particular area of our work focuses on bringing lawsuits in disputes involving healthcare real estate and pharmaceutical advertising, defending against patient claims in court and handling employment law matters concerning healthcare companies.

In addition, we advise on transactions involving hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and care facilities in all civil, social, tax and public law matters. We find solutions specific to healthcare and nursing homes aimed at safeguarding and transferring operations in existing healthcare companies in crisis and insolvency situations and advise on restructuring measures, including tax law issues as well as the founding and restructuring of care facilities, group practices and other medical cooperation partnerships.

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