Comprehensive protection of a unique and valuable product design starts with the right registration strategy. FPS has many years of experience in design law. We advise during registration procedures with the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office and advise on international registrations with the WIPO. 

Our law firm specialises in matters concerning ‘prior art’ and actively combats all forms of product piracy with a specially set up task force. In doing so, our lawyers work with the German and European customs agencies in border seizure proceedings and use both civil law and criminal law instruments to recover any lost revenue.


  • IP litigation

    Representing clients in infringement proceedings has always been a key area of expertise at FPS. For decades, notable rights holders have entrusted the judicial assertion of their rights to the experienced FPS lawyers. FPS is often involved in the investigation of infringement cases as well as the inspection and preservation of evidence in advance. We also support our clients in border seizure cases. Representation is provided in all areas of IP law before the relevant courts and agencies.

  • Product piracy

    Within the IP office at FPS, we have set up a dedicated task force focused on combating product piracy. The illegal reproduction and sale of branded goods causes significant revenue losses for brand manufacturers, damages the overall economy and puts jobs at risk. 

    Our FPS product piracy task force is proactive in taking action against pirated goods as well as parallel imports and works closely with the relevant authorities such as the public prosecutor’s office, customs forces and the police. We prepare arrests, recover any profits made through piracy and coordinate seizures. Our consulting services include general market observation, especially online, and targeted investigations into individual infringers. We seize counterfeit goods, conduct searches of infringing companies and secure evidence. In the litigation process, we assert claims for injunctive relief, information, damages and destruction.

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