Every construction project above a certain size requires official approval: the building permit. Structural changes, renovation works and changes of use for existing buildings also regularly require a building permit. The underlying building law falls under state law (Landesrecht), which means that each federal state has its own building regulations with different provisions. We have been overseeing and advising on countless construction projects throughout the Federal Republic of Germany for many decades and are therefore very familiar with the legal issues specific to the individual federal states.

We have long-standing relations with a large number of authorities and enjoy a high level of trust there. We advise clients on preparing building applications, coordinate consultations and meetings with the authorities as well as architects, specialist planners, experts and any affected neighbours, and take care of the corresponding contracts, building encumbrances and any other necessary declarations in order to effectively help the builder to secure the building permit.


  • Parking spaces

    In accordance with all state building regulations, evidence of car and bicycle parking spaces must be provided when undertaking new construction projects or modifying existing buildings. To this end, almost every municipality in Germany has passed its own parking space by-laws, which specify precisely what this obligation to create parking spaces requires. In densely developed city centres where there is a desire to ease the traffic by reducing private transport use, this issue often involves a great deal of work when liaising with the relevant authorities, and we are happy to draw on our expertise to help our clients.

  • Access

    Every construction project must have a secured access route before it can be approved. This is mainly to ensure that the fire brigade can access the site and waste can be disposed of safely. With site developments in particular, access roads usually still have to be built, which in practice is usually done by the developer on a contractual basis (by means of an Erschließungsvertrag, or land development contract). Drawing on our decades of experience in advising clients on site developments of all sizes, we help to conclude such land development contracts and provide support with all related issues.

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